Droptine Vodka (750ml)

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We use only two ingredients: pure sweet American corn mash and crisp cold water from the most pristine streams that run through Roscoe, New York, the Catskill Mountain town aptly known as Trout Town, USA.

First we take our corn mash which was sourced from delicious American corn and distill it no less than 6 times until we are left with a concentrated pure neutral spirit so completely free of impurities it's between 95% and 100% alcohol. But, since we want better than perfect, we use a patented system to filter this pure alcohol through specially designed carbon filters three more times until there's literally nothing left but pure alcohol and essence of sweetness. When we're certain that our alcohol is perfect, we take water from the purest sources in America and cut it to a perfect drinking level of 80 proof or 40% alcohol content.

After we've distilled our vodka 6 times, carbon filtered it 3 times and cut it with the purest water available, it's time for bottling. Every bottle we use is made in a sustainable way and air cleaned to ensure no imperfections get into our vodka. While many vodka companies source their glass from China to save money, we spend the extra time and cost to source our glass from the most respected bottling companies elsewhere in the world who've committed themselves to sustainable development. We chose our glass from France where we found a bottle that's a unique balance between the sensuality of a curved silhouette and a sharp, strong shoulder and neck that feels perfect in the hand. And like the rare Droptine deer and our Droptine premium vodka, our bottles feature fluid, slender lines that are soothing and refined.

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